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There’s a saying in multisport that “No one wins a triathlon by being the first one out of the water.”  That may be up for debate, but it’s definitely true that no one wins a triathlon by being the last one out of the water.  And if you’re like most triathletes, you’re just happy to be coming out of the water at all!  This weekend, the Becoming an Ironman team is going to try to help you change that.

One of the keys to Ironman success is expending as little energy as possible during the swim.  But to do that, you have to do two things:  (1) Be comfortable and confident in open water; and (2) Have an efficient stroke.  We’ll concentrate on the former once the lakes thaw a few months from now, but this is perfect time to work on the latter.  Thursday night’s “dry land” swim instruction clinic, followed by Saturday morning’s clinic at Middleton High School, are guaranteed to help you start to develop a smooth, powerful, efficient triathlon swim stroke.

This is a two-part clinic, and for maximum benefits, it’s important that you attend both sessions.  Thursday night at Endurance House, we will discuss swim technique and view what proper technique should look like.  We will also explain and describe the various drills you can do to help improve your stroke.  Saturday at the Middleton High School Swimming Pool, we will actually do the drills together as a team, with Justin providing both general feedback and individual instruction on each Team member’s technique throughout the clinic.  This is a great opportunity for both novice and experienced swimmers alike.  Best of all, the only cost is the charge of admission to the pool! 

For times and location details, see the “Team Events” page of this blog.  See you Thursday!


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For those interested in a great training opportunity for Ironman – and a great capstone event to Block III – registration for the Horribly Hilly Hundreds opens tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9:00 am. Click here for a link to the registration site. [Note: if you want to do this ride, you have to register within minutes of registration opening. It is almost certain to be full by 10:00 am.]

For those unfamiliar with this event, it is a 124 mile ride over just about every big hill in southwestern Wisconsin — a total of over 14,000 feet of climbing (the website says 10,700, but this is using slightly less accurate technology) and 40 “major” hills. The course elevation profile looks like an EKG of a hamster on crack.

The Horribly Hilly is a great way to cap off our Block III endurance training and a huge confidence builder. If you can finish this ride and still be able to walk afterwards, you can finish the Ironman. However, in the event you don’t or can’t register, we’ll plan on having an equally-epic ride scheduled for that weekend, so no one will have to miss out on all the fun!

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The Endurance House staff has just publicly-released information regarding the General Casualty Capitol View Triathlon on June 7, 2008!  Click here to visit the website.

This is going to be a great event, and whether you do the Sprint or Olympic distance, it’s a perfect race and venue to kick off the summer racing season.  Best of all, it’s free for all team members!

Also, as a reminder for those interested in doing the High Cliff Triathlon (half-ironman distance) on June 22, be sure to stop by the store to fill out an entry form sometime during the next couple of weeks.

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On Thursday, January 24 (and only on Thursday, January 24) Madison will be one of about two dozen cities that will show a screening of a new documentary called “Spirit of the Marathon.”  The screening is at 7:30 pm at the Point Cinemas near West Towne, just a short drive from Endurance House. 

The movie has already received a lot of praise (including “Best Picture” at the Mammoth Film Festival and the “Audience Choice Award” at the Chicago International Film Festival), and it looks like it will be very inspirational — and during the cold, dark middle weeks of this training block, some inspiration for our run training is just what we’ll be needing!

It also happens that we have a seminar on swim training scheduled for 6:00 pm on the same day.  The plan is for anyone interested in seeing the movie to depart Endurance House immediately after the seminar and meet up at the theater at 7:20.  If you are interested in attending, tickets are $11.00 and can be purchased here

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