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Congratulations to Pat Gallagher who successfully completed the Mardi Gras Marathon in 4:28:13 this morning! Awesome job for his first attempt at running 26.2 miles — and especially for a guy who, prior to joining the Becoming an Ironman Team, had never run more than 5 miles!  I’m sure Pat will give up the full details soon — check his blog for a forthcoming race report.

Unfortunately, Pat’s trip to New Orleans caused him to miss our Saturday team workout, meaning that Stephanie is our new leader for consecutive workout attendance. Don’t worry, Pat — you can start a new streak next weekend . . .


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Spring Challenge Ride

For those who didn’t get into the Horribly Hilly Hundreds (and even for those who did), here is another great chance to do a fully-supported century ride this spring: The Iowa County Humane Society QuadruPedal Spring Century.  This event is organized by Stuart Schilling, who also hosts the very well-respected Dairyland Dare challenge ride in August.  It is scheduled for May 4, 2008, which is a nice time to do our first true Century ride of the season.  Be forewarned, though, this is a tough ride, with about 9,000 feet of climing.  The pain is worth the chance to get out and enjoy what is often perfect riding conditions, and one of our first chances to show off our Team colors to a lot of other endurance athletes! 

This event will not sell out nearly as quickly as Horribly Hilly, so you don’t have to be too quick on the trigger.  However, those interested in doing this ride should talk with the Team Captains — if there is enough interest, we may make this ride an official Team workout.

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