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Apparently television studios are nearing the bottom of the Reality TV show suggestion box, because word has leaked out about plans for a triathlon-based reality TV show, to be filmed sometime this summer at an undisclosed location. To me, tuning in to watch a bunch of people swimming, biking, and running for several hours a day, then fighting over space on the couch for post-workout naps or arguing the merits of compression socks and dimpled water bottles doesn’t sound like captivating television, but what do I know?

The details regarding the show are pretty scarce at this point, which begs the question of how legitimate it really is, but T-Dot Triathlon has a story about it on its main page. The producers claim that in addition to some professional coaching, anyone selected for the show is going to walk away with some pretty sweet gear. And if the timing is right (and if you can afford to put your life on hold for four weeks sometime this summer), it could be a great block of focused training to prepare you for Ironman Wisconsin. Of course, if you do get on the show, you’ll probably forget all about your Ironman dreams and just move on to what will almost certainly be a long and promising career as a Hollywood C-lister, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it….

For those interested in applying, send an e-mail with a picture and a story of why the reality-TV-watching nation will fall in love with your winning personality and potential for high drama to: tricasting@sbcglobal.net

Good luck! Keep us posted. And for those of you who make it, don’t forget about the little people who helped get you there.


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Looking Ahead

With Block III just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your racing season (if you haven’t already done so).  Endurance House has already negotiated deals at some great area races that are perfect for setting you up for a successful Ironman Wisconsin, but as with everything else, you need to do races that are right for you given your anticipated fitness level, background in the sport, and goals for the season.  Below are two possible race schedules, based on those factors:

Race Progression A (some prior triathlon experience or “race” fitness by June):

Race Progression B (for inexperienced triathlete or lower fitness level in June)

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions — you can mix-and-match races, find different races, or do whatever you think will help you best prepare mentally and physically for September 7, 2008!  However, it’s often more fun and rewarding to race at events that other team members will be participating in. 

If you have any questions about these races or any others, or just the season in general, please feel free to ask Andy or Jamie, either by e-mail or at one of our team events.

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Well, Old Man Winter has finally given way to the balmy days of spring.  Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and . . . . ahhh, who are we kidding.  This is March in Wisconsin, and any hopes of doing the bike portion of our Block II triathlon outdoors were pretty much snuffed out back in mid-January.  Even if it was warm enough to ride outdoors, the roads just aren’t in good enough shape for a group ride, let alone one at a high effort level, so for safety reasons we’ll stick to our trainers for what hopefully will be one of our last Saturday indoor sessions.

The plan for the triathlon is updated on the Team Events page.  It will work much like Block I, with a swim in Middleton Pool beginning at 8:00 am — this time for 1500 yards, followed by a 75 minute ride on our trainers at Endurance House and a 10K run through Middleton (see the map link on the Team Events page so you know the route!).

If anyone is interested in an earlier start “reverse” triathlon beginning with a 75 minute ride at Endurance House at 6:30 am and finishing with the swim at Middleton at approximately 9:00 am, please e-mail me.

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