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Team Events Update

The next 10 days are busy ones as far as Team Events go.  Here’s a quick summary: 

  • Tomorrow (April 17), we will have a seminar at Endurance House covering racing.  This will be a great introduction for those new to the sport about what the race day experience for some of our early-season triathlons will be like.  We’ll cover logistics, equipment, pre-event nutrition, how to cope with nervousness prior to an event, and race strategy and pacing. 
  • On Sunday, April 20, we’ll do an 82 mile team ride covering two full loops of the Ironman course.  Originally, the ride was scheduled for Saturday, but it looks like Saturday will be windy and wet, and Sunday looks a little nicer.  As we get further into summer, we won’t change the ride in case of bad weather, but at this point it’s still more important to actually enjoy riding outdoors, especially since 80 miles is as long as quite a few on the team have ever ridden.
  • Next Thursday, April 24, we’ll do a hill workout on the big hills on the Ironman course — just in case you didn’t get enough of them on Sunday’s ride.  Check the Team Events page for details.
  • On Saturday, April 26, we’ll do our first outdoor brick.  The ride will be the out-and-back stem of the Ironman course, and the run will be either the Crazylegs Classic or our own 5-mile loop.  A link to the run course loop is on the Team Events page — please look at it and print it off if necessary!

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Today we were finally able to get off of our trainers and out on the open roads, and 15 Team Members enjoyed a great 60 mile ride in perfect spring riding conditions.  Everyone who started made the full distance with no problem, so the Team is definitely well on its way to a successful Ironman Wisconsin 2008!

As we do more outdoor riding as a Team, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always know the route.  It’s fine to ride ahead or behind the pack, but your workout will be a lot more effective if you know where you’re going.  The routes for all of our team rides will be posted on the blog beforehand, as will the expected pace of the Team captains.  If you think you’re going to be riding faster or slower than the main pack, take the time to study the route.
  • Take advantage of the draft.  One way to stay with stronger riders is to “tuck in” behind their wheel and take advantage of the lead rider is providing.  A good draft requires being within 1 wheel length (3 feet) of the rear wheel of the rider in front of you.  There is no shame in drafting, and it is actually has a positive training effect since it allows your legs and cardiovascular system to experience riding at a higher speed than you’d otherwise be able to on your own.
  • Ride single file.  Unless we’re on very wide roads or country roads with very little traffic, we should be riding single file.  In the battle between our bikes and the jacked-up pickup truck trying to pass us, bet on the truck.

The next organized team ride isn’t until April 19th, when we’ll meet in Verona and do two laps of the Ironman Wisconsin loop.  But don’t let that stop you from calling up a Teammate and getting together for a ride.  The more time you put in the saddle now, the less time you’ll be in the saddle on September 7th!

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