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On Saturday, we’ll do our first century ride of the season. This ride won’t be too hilly and should give you a great chance to practice being down in the aerobars for an extended time. For the most part, we’ll stick to country roads without much traffic, but there will be sections where it’s important to get out of the aerobars and ride single file.

There will be a couple places along the route to stop for emergency nutrition or to fill up water bottles (most notably the convenience store on Page Street as we exit Stoughton — right about Mile 50), but for the most part, you should plan to carry everything you think you’ll need. The good news is that it’s supposed to be fairly cool and cloudy in the morning, which should make for good riding conditions.

Our route is below. We’ll start from Endurance House at 6:00 am. The team leaders will ride at a fairly easy but steady pace, so if you expect you’ll be going faster or slower than them, please print out a copy of the route. The idea of a century ride is to keep riding, so with the possible exception of a brief stop in Stoughton near our half-way point, we won’t be stopping to regroup anywhere along the ride.

May 10 Century


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